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Our Process

At Ethos Wealth Planning, relationships matter. We take the time to meet with clients so we can learn about their goals, understand their needs, and make worthwhile suggestions aimed at their best interest. As comprehensive financial planners, we believe that every person should have a financial plan, an investment plan, and a communication plan that work in unison.

We are independent and follow the six-step planning process set forth by the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING Board:

  1. Establish and define the client-planner relationship
  2. Gather client data including goals
  3. Analyze and evaluate the client’s current financial status
  4. Develop and present recommendations and/or alternatives
  5. Implement the recommendations
  6. Monitor the recommendations

Its purpose - and our priority - is to determine if and how an individual can meet their life goals through the proper management of financial resources. Once this determination is made, we implement and monitor recommendations in both the short- and long-term. Strategies are dynamic in nature, allowing for adjustments to be made when life changes or markets shift.